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Great studio design, kick ass vibes, brings continuity, function, and life to his mixes. The cozy 600 suare-foot Cabin at Westwood Studios provides that working space. A typical project includes these services:

The Deckerator

  • Mixing
  • Audio Production
  • Overdubs 
  • Vocal Production 
  • Audio Editing

Billy's knack for delivering radio-friendly mixes has earned him 16 #1's. An in-demand engineer stationed in Nashville, TN at the legendary Cabin at Westwood Studios. 

Billy Decker

Mixer / Engineer / producer

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Billy's Services

Come in!

The cabin at Westwood, built by the renowned studio design firm of "DW and Associates", was completed in August of 2014. The room was designed specifically  by Decker for mixing/overdubs.